Types of Adventurous Journeys

Optimum Experiences offers a range of Adventurous Journeys for your Duke of Edinburgh, with journeys available across all Award levels and via multiple modes of transport. These include Bushwalking, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, or a combination of all three!


Explore the native bushland within Morton National Park, or trek along the coastline of Jervis Bay to complete your adventurous journey. Students transport their packs on their back throughout the bushwalk, however water drops will be made available throughout the expedition and at each campsite throughout the trip.


Spend your days paddling down the Kangaroo River, enjoying your adventurous journey from the beauty of the water. Packs will be transported via canoe, and adequate training and instruction will be provided to ensure packs are effectively waterproofed.

Mountain Biking

Challenge yourself with a climb to the top of the mountain, followed by an adrenaline filled race down the other side! For this type of journey, packs will be transported by a support vehicle to your campsite.

Pack and Paddle

Combine two modes of travel with a ‘pack and paddle’, whereby your adventurous journey is made up of both bushwalking and canoeing. This type of journey is available for Silver and Gold participants only.

Ride and Paddle

Combine an exhilarating mountain bike ride with a tranquil paddle on the river with a ‘ride and paddle’. This type of journey is available for Silver and Gold participants only.