Outdoor Education School FAQS

What does my child need to bring to camp?

Your child should have received a packing list along with their permission form from school. If it has been misplaced, you can download a generic one here. Please also check with your school for any additional items they may have requested. Make sure your child has decent wet weather gear and a hat!


Can Optimum Experiences cater for special diets?

Yes, we can but please give us plenty of notice if you have special dietary needs, and make sure to mark it appropriately on your child’s medical form.


What bedding will I need at the Fitzroy Falls Conference and Adventure Centre?

The centre provides a fresh fitted sheet and pillow (incl. pillow slip), guests will need to bring a warm sleeping bag and any other desired bedding.


What’s the weather like in Fitzroy Falls?

The Southern Highlands are generally cooler than the coast, and in winter, Fitzroy Falls can be pretty chilly. We are also subject to unseasonable weather at times, much like the rest of NSW, so even in summer, definitely pack your thermals just in case it takes a turn for the chilly!

It can also be pretty wet at times, and although we have lots of lovely and warm inside areas, bringing wet weather gear is a great idea. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad preparation!


My child is scared of heights and I am worried about the anxiety he/she is experiencing in the lead up to camp, will my child be pressured to participate in activities involving height?

At Optimum Experiences we have a strict “challenge by choice” policy, meaning that no student will ever be forced to exceed their abilities, there will be encouragement, but never pressure.

Each group will set a group goal; for less intimidated groups, this goal may be a speed or strength goal in the tackling of the activity. For groups with individuals that are nervous or scared of heights, the group may decide that just putting on a harness and climbing a few rungs up a household ladder is the only goal that the whole group will attempt.