Open Journeys

Open Journeys are available for individuals or small groups who wish to complete either their practice or qualifying journey. All expeditions may be used for either your practice or qualifying, however each journey must be of the same mode of transport, but in a different location.

Below are the dates available for each award level for 2017. Each Journey has a minimum number of 6 students and a maximum number of 10. In the event that a Journey has less than the minimum number registered, an alternate date will be arranged.


Award Level Mode of Travel Date




Bronze Canoe 10th – 11th  April
Silver Canoe 9th – 11th April
Gold Canoe 20th – 24th April
Bronze Bushwalk 10th – 11th April
Silver Bushwalk 21st – 23rd April




Bronze Bushwalk 13th – 14th May
Bronze Canoe 13th – 14th May




Bronze Bushwalk 3rd – 4th June
Bronze Canoe 3rd – 4th June
Silver Bushwalk 2nd – 4th June
Silver Canoe 2nd – 4th June




Bronze Bushwalk 6th – 7th July
Silver Bushwalk 6th – 8th July
Gold Bushwalk 6th – 9th July
Silver Bike and Paddle 11th – 13th July
Silver Pack and Paddle 11th – 13th July
Gold Bike and Paddle 10th – 13th July
Gold Pack and Paddle 10th – 13th July




Bronze – BOOKED OUT Bushwalk 23rd – 24th September
Silver – BOOKED OUT Bushwalk 23rd – 25th September
Gold – BOOKED OUT Bushwalk 23rd – 26th September




Bronze Bushwalk 3rd – 4th October
Silver Bushwalk 3rd – 5th October
Gold Bushwalk 3rd – 6th October