Sequential Outdoor Learning Activities

Optimum Experiences has developed a holistic sequential learning experience in our Outdoor Education programs, gradually increasing the degree of difficulty as students improve their competency levels throughout their school years. Our aim is to cultivate a positive growth mindset, encouraging a sense of achievement in both a personal and a social sense. We support students as they mature independently, building on resilience, and fostering a culture of acceptance. We also hope to develop a lifelong love of outdoor action in a world that is increasingly reliant on indoor electronic and screen-based entertainment.

Bringing Outdoor Experiences To Youthoptimum_homeimage2

Optimum Experiences works with the school and staff to ensure that the program meets the specific needs of each age group based on experiences gained from prior outdoor education proficiencies. We provide complete programs, including qualified instructors, accommodation, team building activities, and meals. We work with school staff to ensure that the aims of each program are being met and reviewed at the end of each experience.Outdoor education is a truly remarkable experience for young people. It magnifies extraordinary moments and makes the powerful memories that enrich young lives with a strong sense of personal strength and purpose. The program is designed to develop a growing sense of competence in dealing with the natural environment with a strong emphasis on safety.