About Optimum

The leading outdoor education company in the Southern Highlands

Optimum Experiences is an outdoor education company based at Fitzroy Falls in NSW. We create unique experiences specially designed for each group, taking in the natural wonder of the Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven and beyond.

We can go anywhere - even to your school or business - and do just about anything outdoors. Hiking and multi-day camping. Canoeing and canyoning. Snorkelling and skiing. The options are endless.

Our mission is to inspire, connect and enrich lives, facilitating meaningful encounters with nature and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Founded in 1991 by Ian and Alison Bradburn, Optimum Experiences empowers communities through transformative outdoor experiences. We are committed to fostering personal growth, team-building and leadership skills.

Hands-on educational

Our difference

True learning happens through hands-on experiences. That’s why we immerse students in memorable, engaging activities that deepen their understanding. We help develop the whole child, to help them become well-rounded individuals equipped to confidently face life’s challenges. Here’s how:
  • Help students connect with nature
  • Seamlessly integrate with your school’s systems
  • Engage the local community, including Gadhungal Marring
  • Engage qualified staff with a passion for outdoor life.
To read more about Optimum Experience’s holistic approach, please see our blog post, Empowering students through transformative education.

Our approach to risk management

At Optimum Experiences, safety is at the core of everything we do. You can count on our experienced team, with 30 years of experience in the industry, to take a comprehensive approach to risk management. We adhere strictly to safety protocols and undertake regular, thorough equipment audits. With ongoing staff training and a commitment to child protection, we have an unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional and secure outdoor experiences.
To read more about how Optimum Experiences ensures our participants are safe and supported, please see our detailed blog post, Prioritising safety: our approach to risk management.

Our team

Ian Bradburn
CEO, Founder
Alison Bradburn
CEO, Founder
Joel Stanton
Operations Manager
Client Liaison
Senior Outdoor Educator
Outdoor Educator
Outdoor Educator
Senior Outdoor Educator
Logistics Coordinator
Operations Manager
Outdoor Educator
Outdoor educator
Program Director
Outdoor Educator
Program Director/Client Liason
Tin Tin
Program Coordinator


  • Gadhungal Marring

    Optimum Experiences partners with Gadhungal Marring (saltwater people) to provide rich learning experiences, fostering connection to country and culture. A local Indigenous-owned business specialising in the delivery of cultural services, Gadhungal Marring focuses on revitalising and sharing ancient Australian culture, for a thriving country and a flourishing community.

    “We cherish the relationship we have created with Optimum Experiences. We believe family business is the best business, and creating opportunity through education is what we do best.” Raymond Timbery, CEO, Gadhungal Marring

  • Equipped Outdoors

    Equipped Outdoors supplies outdoor professionals with everything from clothing and footwear to safety and rescue equipment. We truly value our like-minded partnership, which we have been building together for over 15 years.

    Equipped Outdoors specialises in top-quality gear that is safe, easy to use and preferred by outdoor education professionals, schools, commercial operators and government agencies. We appreciate that their team sources the right gear, at the right time, for the right price.

  • Emergency Australia

    Emergency Australia is a certified Australian-veteran-owned business and registered training organisation that specialises in delivering high-fidelity training and medical support in remote locations. The organisation brings together the unique skills and experiences of military veterans and civilian emergency service personnel.

    Optimum Experiences is proud that Emergency Australia is a long-standing partner. Together, we ensure our staff receive nationally recognised qualifications to deal with emergencies in remote and challenging locations.

  • Crest Diving

    We partner with Crest Diving to help school groups discover the wonders of the marine environment, in safe, supervised, shore-based snorkelling tours. Our experienced and passionate guides are excited to introduce students to the variety of marine life Jervis Bay has to offer.

    Encounters with sharks, rays, octopus, turtles, sea urchins, sea snails and a huge variety of fish, many endemic to the NSW coast, are something they’ll remember for years to come.